You should always check out the BTS section on pornsites when you have the chance. A lot of hiddens gems are to be found here. On teenfidelity I've sometimes found hardcore scenes that are not part of the update so that is pretty cool. In these particular images of Abby Cross there is no penetration but she tries out a bunch of different outfits so it was worth the view if you ask me :)






















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All the hot american teens seem to end up at teenfidelity at one point. Ryan Madison really knows how to fuck these girls, and sometimes he share them with his wife Kelly Madison, though it's more usual to see this at their other site Pornfidelity.


Ryan has been driving around with Abby all day long having fun. Now it's time to cash in. He gets her drunk on booze and brings her to a barn. He loves her teaxan booty and can't stay away from it, he bites it and kisses it all over. Then they get naked and she sucks his monsterdick before her pussy gets to taste it. Ryan is a porn veteran and knows how to fuck her really good!

































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Abby looks very cute there she stands in her light pink lingerie. She turns around so we can drool over her smoking hot body before she starts to strip down. She didn't have much clothes on to begin with so she gets naked pretty quick. She reveals a landing strip on her vagina but we soon forget about it when she spreads her lips. A little teasing for the feet lovers and then it's spreading time again, this time it's her asshole that gets shown to the world :)
























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Naughty masseuse Abby is dressed sexy today cause she has serious plans of seducing her handsome massage client. She can tell he digs her outfit and he really enjoys her soft but firm hands rubbing all over his body. He is constantly rubbing her tight buns but it's not time for her to do her move yet so she just keeps on massaging him. She gets topless eventually and then he starts to rub her cunt and she allows it. Then she gets on top of the massage bench and sucks his big schlong.


After the blowjob she removes her panties and rides him both ways. It's a magnificent view seeing her bounce up and down on that erected sausage. The extra service was free of charge and this client went home with a smile on his face!
























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It's a warm day and Abby is taking a strawl outdoors in some red underwear. She does a few poses and shows her delicious butt for the camera. Then she goes inside so she also can show her delicate vagina. Now she wants cock though. She know her boyfriend always get horny as hell when she puts his rod in her mouth. So this was exactly what she did. She smoked his pole like a true pro which gave him motivation to pound her hard on the sofa. She also rode that wiener like there was no tomorrow! What a yummy scene this was..


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Diamond Foxx is only wearing a small piece of clothing in order to seduce her step son which is also the boyfriend of Abby. His father is away on a business travel but he's very hesitant to fuck Diamond. She's very convincing though and soon enough she's smoking his big pole. When they're in the middle of shagging Abby shows up unexpected, he had forgot she was coming over this afternoon. Diamond with all her routine knew what to do though so she just included her in the act and made it a threesome!

























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