Abby and her man invited their neighbors over for dinner. When Abby noticed Chrissy was wearing the same dress as her she jokingly suggested that they'd undress. Somehow this joke evolved into reality and soon enough both couples were all naked and fucking on the living room couch.


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Abigail was very attracted to Abby but she had a boyfriend. When Abigail heard they weren't the lucky couple as she thought they were she used the opportunity to put the moves on her. Luckily for her she got the response she was hoping for and soon enough they were making out.


The clothes left their bodies and they worked their way down to each others punanis which they promptly licked. A lot of lesbian loving followed and you can witness it all below :)


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From the episode Studying Wet Pussy.


Ava is the teacher of a little class with all girls. She gets so bored during classes that she usually fucks a dildo behind her desk when they are reading and such. When the students are gone for the day she calls in her assistant Abby to eat her juicy punani. Abigail walks in on them though but is offered straight A's to keep her mouth shut. She asked if she could join in instead and soon enough they were having a threesome in the classroom!
























































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From the episode Clit Lick.


Really nice christmas party here :) The three female lovers gather in sexy underwear in front of the christmas tree and fireplace. It doesn't take long before they start to make out and then it evolves into a pussy licking feast! They ate punani like they were starving, and threw in some rimjobs for good measure!






























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5 minute long dicksucking clip!



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Abby is in her purple lingerie outdoors and strips down topless. She also wiggles her thong booty before Will Powers comes to serve her with his large dong. A professional cocksucker like her gets down on her knees immediately and starts working on it. A nice blowjob which resulted in a big facial!























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